These Adorable Wool Animals Are My New Obsession. You’re Gonna Want One Immediately.

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Tatyana Barakova is an artist based in St. Petersburg who has tirelessly worked on her craft since 2006. But unlike the painters and sculptors of the world, her medium of choice is a bit different.

The Russian artist takes her inspiration from her love of nature, and channels it on a unique woolen canvas. And what she creates has to be seen to be believed.

Using wool needle felting techniques, Tatyana creates animals that are somehow both endearingly cartoony and startlingly realistic.

1-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

They are all made from nothing but 100 percent sheep wool, glass eyes, and “much thoroughness.”

2-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

I want that pug to come to life so I can adopt it and live with it forever.

3-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

Tatyana pulled double duty on these baby otters.

4-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

This elephant is happy to be alive, and now that I’ve seen it, so am I.

5-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

So precious!

6-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

These puppies look somewhat concerned, but what do you have to worry about when you’re this cute?

7-wool-animalsTatyana Barakova

See Tatyana’s best work on the next page!

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