40 Awful Cars That Motor Companies Probably Wish They’d Never Made

As any car-lover will tell you, there are some truly awful motors out there. And whether it’s due to bad handling or the bodywork, these vehicles can become very bothersome while out on the road. So keeping that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at 40 of the worst cars ever constructed. You may well recognize a few of them!

40. Zündapp Janus (1958)

As the 1950s were coming to a close, the Zündapp motorbike company tried its hand at creating a brand-new car. Too bad the Janus was the result! This bizarre-looking motor had some of the strangest seating arrangements you’ll ever see. Check out how the back row points towards the rear windshield. It wasn’t particularly fast either – hitting a maximum of 50 miles-per-hour, according to Time magazine.

Morris Marina (1971)

When the Morris Marina first arrived in car showrooms, it proved to be a popular pick for incoming customers. But don’t be fooled; this vehicle had its fair share of issues. Yes, the Marina suffered with suspension problems after the company recycled parts of an old chassis design. And on top of that, the wiper blades were back-to-front.

38. Dodge Dart (2013)

When you’re looking for a new car, there’s a whole host of factors that you need to consider. How does it handle? What’s the interior like? Well, it could be argued that the 2013 Dodge Dart was a complete failure on those fronts. Its gear-box left a lot to be desired, while the chairs were covered in a shabby canvas material. The body was pretty outdated, too. Definitely one to avoid!

37. Triumph TR7 (1975)

Aesthetically speaking, the Triumph TR7 was an incredibly strange car – with its front-end resembling that of a recliner seat. Yet that was the least of its problems. You see, the TR7 had issues that ranged from temperamental carburetors to punctured sunroofs. Plus, the pop-up headlights were also known to stay shut in their time of need.