Everybody makes mistakes, though some are worse than others. Remember that time you accidentally called your teacher “Mom” and were teased mercilessly about it? Or when you responded “you too” after the waitress told you to enjoy your dinner? These slip-ups are usually quickly forgotten, but others — like the ones we make at work — seem to stick with us forever.

That was certainly the case for these individuals, who not only missed the ball with their ridiculous job fails but did so in a spectacular fashion. Let’s just hope that you’re not guilty of screw-ups like these, or who knows — you may actually find yourself somewhere on this list!

1. An Honest Mistake: You can’t get it right every time, so whoever stitched this crazy-looking Nala plush definitely deserves some slack. Hopefully, this company’s new line of Pumba dolls doesn’t wind up with tusks on the wrong end… 

2. When the Cheese Starts Flowing: Who’s ready for some delicious mac and cheese? Only the fanciest places in town typically serve up this kind of fare. There truly is nothing better than a nice big scoop of lukewarm penne gracefully topped with half-melted Kraft singles. 

3. If I Only Had Some Clarification: Imagine if this crayon set was the only one available in the Land of Oz. Follow the Yellow Brick Road? That could mean anything! And the Emerald City? What color is emerald? We only have yellow! This is madness! 

4. Ahead of the Curve: People used to think using tape recorders instead of notepads to record interviews was absurd, so anyone mocking this guy for using a television remote clearly isn’t thinking ahead. Pretty soon, every reporter will be pointing remotes at athletes like they’re some kind of fleshy TV.

5. Didn’t Think It Through: This store is so dedicated to customer service that it actually added two extra days to the week: Scarmday and Marmday. Unfortunately, most calendars don’t include these days, so after the entire store missed their Scarm and Marm shifts, everyone was laid off.

6. Untapped Potential: In defense of whoever put this drain in, it probably still does its job. Sure, a catastrophic flood would have to sweep through the area for it to have any real impact, but when that day comes, the people of this fair city will surely be grateful for this oddly placed drain.

7. Mistaken Identity: Compare foods may have gotten a little too good at comparing foods, as now they can’t even tell the difference between their produce. Watermelon? Really? This is very clearly a cantaloupe.

8. Here We Go Again: As if beauty standards weren’t unrealistic enough, this company somehow had the audacity to insist that to be considered attractive, a woman needs to have her entire lower body jutting out of her head. When will it end?

9. Foreshadowing: If you’ve got spirit, you let them hear it. But what happens when you’ve got “spirt” instead? Well, “spirt” rhymes with “hurt,” and judging by how oddly thick that banner looks, someone’s probably about to get whiplash.

10. I See You: For those tired of having to manually open the stall door so that others can watch you use the bathroom, this revolutionary new design is here to solve all your toilet-watching needs while simultaneously bothering urinal users.

11. Bread Rights: If humans can identify as whatever they want, then why can’t sandwich rolls do the same? You probably already use hamburger buns when you run out of hotdog rolls and vice versa, so why not ditch the labels and just let them be? 

12. The Perfect Fix: Someone really must’ve been upset over Red Box running out of copies of Jurassic Park 3. But don’t fret — a few sheets of sturdy clingwrap should totally be enough to stop this entire strip mall from collapsing.

13. A Minor Inconvenience: Pig Latin is making a comeback! Yes, it’s true that literally, no one speaks it, and, yes, people will probably continue to fly through this stop sign until they do, but this is definitely going to work!

14. Cut to the Chase: Honestly, this is just more annoying than anything else. Try to hold it from the bottom, you get melted chocolate all over your fingers; try to hold it from the top, you’re knuckle-deep in vanilla ice cream. Just smash it all together in a bowl and call it a day.

15. Don’t Cross Megatron: The wise-guy that painted road stripes on this Jeep probably had a good laugh about it, but little did he know that this car is actually a Decepticon in disguise. As soon as the Autobots are no more, you can bet this alien robot is going to be out for revenge.

16. Geography 101: Ah, Asia. What a magical place. With its rich cultural history and pleasing shape, Asia is clearly the superior continent, especially when compared to Australia, its neighbor to the north, and Antarctica, the world’s hottest region. 

17. Only The Best of Intentions: All this poor sign wanted was for drivers to be cautious of cyclists, though in the first week alone it’s caused at least seven bike pileups and a dozen blown tires.

18. A Trained Professional: The first rule of welding is probably something along the lines of “be aware of your surroundings,” so right away this guy is off to a great start. Let’s hope his next job doesn’t involve doing electrical work in full bathtubs.

19. Losing Streak: Whoever stacked these shipments is either completely blind or a total rebel. Yet ironically, these boxes are all filled with Jenga sets; you knock one of those things over, and you’ve just cursed yourself to never win another game again. 

20. American Pride: Whoever this factory’s stamp guy is, he needs to be fired immediately. That’s definitely not how you spell “This product was made in the USA, so enjoy a few good uses out of it before it inevitably breaks and you end up replacing it with a Japanese import.”

Even off the job, these people can’t seem to stop failing in epic fashion. All this poor rabbit wanted was to spread some Easter cheer with his chocolate deliciousness. Instead, he was locked in the car on a 95-degree day. But, hey, at least the bow tie still looks good.

2. We all get it: taking down decorations is a real pain. Unfortunately, an unexpected snowstorm can be the difference between having the coolest Halloween setup on the block and being labeled a maniac.

3. Never take your friends advice when it comes to cooking ramen. No matter what they tell you, water is not optional!

4. Anyone who’s accidentally bitten a utensil during a meal should cringe at the thought of taking a bite out of this spoon loaf. Then again, that raisin bread sure looks yummy… 

5. Lemon water is undoubtedly the fanciest of all waters. But whoever made this particular batch missed the mark. Dropping two whole lemons into the room-temperature water just screams, “I have more important, luxurious things to do.”

6. In reality, this student was so good at the recorder that he had his taken away so he wouldn’t outshine the other kids. You can take a man out of the music, but you can’t take the music out of the man!

7. They say swallowing watermelon seeds will grow a whole watermelon in your stomach. But there isn’t a saying about how forgetting to grind seeds left in the garbage disposal will cause plants to sprout out of the sink…but maybe there should be.

8. Sure, make fun of the kid for leaving a hanger in his jacket. But the next time you’re struggling to undo the 18 buttons and 3 zippers on your own coat, remember this kid, who probably just hopped on a coat rack and slipped right out.

9. This kid just couldn’t resist the temptation of wearing a green shirt on picture day. Lucky for the photographer, he decided to leave his camouflage hat at home.

10. For an attempt at cooking caramel, this dish gets a big fat F. For an attempt at opening a portal to the netherworld, however, this chef seems to be on the right track. 

11. Maybe this was a spare pair of handcuffs left behind by a police officer? Let’s just say that’s what it was – the alternatives are just a little too weird to be considered. 

12. You’ve heard of sticking gum behind your ear for later, but this kid takes things to the next level with a bold lollipop-in-the-hair move. Let’s hope he was due for a trim anyway.

13. When Subway announced that they were including toys in their kid’s meals, sub fans couldn’t wait to bring their own kids in for a bite. It turns out their concept of a “kid’s toy” was way off.

14. That’s a pretty small suitcase, so there probably wasn’t anything important in there. That’s how it works, right? Fingers crossed the person who left it behind agrees.

15. This guy gets serious points for ingenuity, but those points are immediately taken away by the Department of Motor Vehicles – fair enough. 

16. Playing hard-to-get may work in the dating world, but in the world of injury law firm advertising… yeah, probably not. 

17. This tree always dreamed of becoming a professional ice dancer. After someone left a pair of skates on one of its branches in the 1960’s, the tree was finally able to live its dream… 50 years later.  

18. What’s the point of the ridiculously tight jeans the kids wear these days if they can’t even hold your possessions in place? That poor guy’s phone flew right out of his pocket the second the bungee cord tightened!

19. The “MacGyver of the Year” award clearly goes to the poor soul who rigged up this masterpiece after forgetting their contact lens case. 

20. The funny thing is, this Snickers bar still looks amazing even without its chocolate coating. The ball’s in your court now, Hershey.